Say goodbye to connectivity issues and data overages while traveling in Japan.

Pocket WiFi

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Pocket WiFi

Perfect for those who want to do simple research on Internet. Save your money or spend money on delicious Japanese food!

Network4G Softbank
Data speed3GB/day
Max speed75 Mbps (Download)
Battery hours4~6 hours
Area99% Population coverage nationwide
Connected deviceUp to 6 devices simultaneously

500 JPY


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Worried that you might lose or damage the router?
For only 80 JPY/day, our insurance covers 75% of the costs.


What’s in the package?

Power bank

Don't fear about running out of battery. To make sure your trip goes smoothly, we include a power bank. Of course for free!

Lightweight Micro USB cable

Unexpectedly, USB cable can often be damaged and cannot be charged. So we will lend you one for free.

Adapter for Japanese Voltage

This adapter is suitable for Japanese voltage.

Pre-paid Envelope

No complicated procedures at the end of the trip.A self-addressed return envelope is also included.

Instruction Manual

Are you worried about renting an unfamiliar product? Don’t worry. An easy-to-understand manual is included.

Renting a pocket WiFi has never been easier


We accept credit major credit card payment worldwide.

Receive item

Your item can be delivered to Airport or Hotel in Japan


Enjoy your Japan adventure without worrying about internet!

Return WiFi

Easily post via mail at the end of your trip

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